On January 31st, I am traveling to Kakuma Refugee Camp for a few weeks with Marti Corn to teach video at Dream Studio, a photography studio that operates in the camp, and to make a short film, the content will largely be decided on what Dream Studio wants to make.

Filmmaking can require a lot of resources, and I would love to go with a comfortable budget to make sure teaching and making a film will be successful. Ideally, I’d like to fundraise $5000, but plane tickets are purchased. So I’m going, and any amount will be helpful.

If you would like to schedule a photo shoot, purchase prints or collages, have help with an event, create a piñata, or hire me for any other creative projects, reach out!

If you would like to support please visit here.

Examples of what you could get back:

+Post cards: $15

+5×5 print: $30

+8×10 print: $45

+Collage print: $50

*New collage 8×10 (my choice): $65

*1-hour photo class: $75

*1-hour photo shoot at one location + digital images: $150

+If you would like prints of anything from my instagram feed, please specify, otherwise it will be related to the project.

*Due to timing, most of these would begin scheduling in March.

Yes, this super simple site isn’t gofundme, or kickstarter! I don’t want to pay the high rates on the sites, and prefer to dedicate my time to planning awesome….